Best Action free games Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad

Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad

“You’re welcome, kiddo! Jeff’s name, I’m the captain of this ship.
We have got into a bad situation on our hands – all these magnificent aliens are swallowing us, then know.
So suit up and let’s get ourselves some gun fun! “
Captain jeff

Bombastic Brothers - Top Squad
Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad

If evil alien insects invade their beloved home planet, the only way to resist is to hold a gun! When all else fails, call Bombastic Brothers, a semi-legal team of soldiers and agents! Join Arcade Revolution where oldschool platformer gameplay meets the future. Choose your hero, choose a weapon, get and upgrade your spaceship and fight epic bosses!

Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad is inspired by classic gamers fans of the hit hardcore game, but it’s also new in style for players!

What do you get:

– Classical Rungun Gameplay
– Base-building and battle mechanic features
– Oldschool but not obsolete boss
– Comedy story and charismatic hero
– A huge spacecraft (free!)
– Worldwide PVP Arena