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Crazy Shapes

Play with the Cubit to rescue Magic Animals of Harmony in this thrilling platformer built from the ground-up for the touch screen. Uniquely changing your shapes and dodging obstacles in a colorful universe that spans multiple planets filled with unique dangers and enemies. Complete all levels, free your friends and destroy the annoying minions to collect all the magic animals and find them a match. It is up to you to restore harmony to a galaxy attacked by the God of Chaos!

Crazy Shapes
Crazy Shapes

• Swipe to resize and activate each form’s unique superpower
• Jump, slow down, speed up and shoot to dodge many obstacles
• Sprint through levels, rescue allies, collect solar energy and search portals
• Put eggs to raise magic animals and find them a match to unlock new abilities
• Use power-ups to complete difficult levels
• Complete special daily missions
• Learn the history of the universe of harmony and uncover the secrets of the shape protector and God of chaos!

You can download and play this game for free!

The game does not require an internet connection in story mode – except for a few extra tasks, such as egg search and laying eggs, receiving daily missions, or in-app purchases.